13 March, 2012

Safety [Word] First!

It's not just for BDSM anymore - the safety word has many practical and important applications in daily life. Here's a light-hearted look at some that I have thought of for you.

The "Get-Me-Outta-Here" - You're having a good time out with some pals, when some brave, yet misguided person tries to chat you up. It doesn't matter why you're not interested, you're just not. And tonight, you don't feel like crushing this poor soul's dreams. So, effortlessly, you slip in your agreed upon safety word, and your pal whisks you away with some excuse or another, and your would-be pursuer is left wondering what happened. Beautiful.

The "We're-Barking-Up-The-Wrong-Tree" - You and your partner have decided to spice things up a bit by having a threesome, or swapping, or whatever. Being clever folks, you decide to meet the candidate(s) in person first to see if there's chemistry. At one point, your partner realises that the person sitting across from you is bat-shit crazy. You hear the word pop up in their next sentence, and gracefully mention an early start the next morning. You all finish your drinks, pay up, and leave. No harm, no foul.

The "Shit-Just-Got-Real" - So you think that doing a little role-playing would be fun for you and your partner. You mutually agree on a scenario and roles, and everything is going well. When suddenly, shit gets real and you are ROYALLY freaked out by the spanking you're getting from your "teacher" because of some suppressed memory or something. So, you shout out your safety word, and you and your partner can now hug it out while you make an appointment to see your counselor.

The "I'd-Rather-Be-Cleaning-the-Blinds" - You and a friend carpooled to a social engagement. Let's say it's a bridal shower. Now, no one REALLY likes bridal showers, but this one is particularly painful. You would honestly rather go home and re-fold all the clothes in your drawers while listening to Rush Limbaugh than watch these women ooh and ahh over yet another useless kitchen gadget. So you drop the word, and your pal knows it's time to go, and hugs her goodbyes while you start the car. (Note: In this case, it's important that only your carpool buddy knows your safety word. Make up a new one if you suspect anyone else at the event knows your safety word.)

The trick is to pick a safety word that can be both easily slipped into everyday conversation, yet difficult to drop accidentally. An alternative word for something ordinary seems to work, like "sauvignon blanc": It's easy to shorten it to get your point across, ie. "sauv blanc", and doesn't sound weird if you drop the entire word.

Hopefully you won't have much occasion to use a safety word, but if you do, I hope you can have fun with it.


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  1. my safety word for many contexts is "pamplemouse"- try to work that into a sentence