29 November, 2011

Toy Review 2 - Twizzle Trigger Max

I had most of this review written up a couple of weeks ago. Good thing too! I'm busy getting ready for my move across the Atlantic again. Yes that's right! Back to Canada I go. And yes, this also means that I'm single again. (But the review was written when I still had a partner to try the toy out with, so I'm still going to use that.)

When I first saw the toy in the box, I was excited - I've never used the famous Hitachi Magic Wand, and this is a sort of "mini" or "beginner" version. I liked how the packaging didn't have a cheesy porn star doing a pose on the front. The product was allowed to speak for itself.

I also saw on the packaging that the product is phthalate free. I'm all about being body-smart! Oh, and batteries were included - a BIG plus for me.

I had my doubts about having an orgasm without a dildo inserted, ie) with just clitoral stimulation, but I was excited to try.

There are 12 vibration modes, but you have to go through ALL 12 before you get constant vibe, which is my preference. It had VERY strong vibrations with no option for softer vibrations, which I would have liked, and it was pretty loud, but if you're by yourself it's not a big deal. 

The "flexible, soft" head wasn't that soft, so the combination of a very strong vibration and not much give meant I had to use a LOT of lube for comfort. 

BUT, I did get off and the orgasm was great!

I have to admit, though, that I didn't have much patience for it during sex with a partner, as it was very loud, and the act of sex meant that I couldn't get the "just right" angle/stroke/pressure. Too bad there's no partner now to practice getting it right... Oh well. 

I also noticed at first that it would be difficult to clean, as the head is close to the neck with lots of nooks and crannies. Then I noticed that the head has a sleeve that comes off to clean separately with no seams or crevices where water can seep into electronics or bacteria can breed - a very nice feature! 

Now because this is a "personal massager", you can get quite creative as to where to stimulate: nipples, inner thighs, etc etc. 

All in all, I'm very impressed and I'm definitely not leaving this toy behind!


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