02 November, 2011

My First Sex Toy Review - Addicted To.... Kolibri Vibe

Recently I joined this service where I pay a small fee for a finite amount of time, and depending on how many categories I tick I get sent a minimum number of sex toys right to my door - with the only catch being I have to submit a review for them.

You mean, I get more than my money's worth of sex toys, AND fodder for my blog? Umm, okay!

The other day, this little dandy showed up at my door (discreetly packaged of course)...

At first glimpse, I liked the sleek look, and being coated in "body safe" silicon, I was impressed by the quality. When I looked it up online, it appeared that it's only on the German market right now, selling for around 50 Euros. 

In use, I noticed first that it was whisper quiet which is yet another sign of a high-quality toy. This vibe has multiple vibe functions, but I'm boring and usually just take advantage of constant and strong. But it's a nice feature to have.

The penis part was a bit small for me, which made me think that it would be good for someone in her late teens or early twenties.

Now, the biggest drawback, for me was not really the fault of the toy itself, but the reach of the clitoral extension was a good centimeter too short to reach my clitoris. I never really thought of my physiology as large, but I guess my clitoris sits too high for this toy. Something to consider in the future for buying any other toys!

Basically, this toy didn't even get me close and I had to turn to Ol' Faithful to finish the job.

Too bad, but I'm looking forward to the next toy to review!


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  1. Thanks for the tip, Allison. Unfortunately, I read it well after I bought one of these. I found the same problem with the clitoral stimulator. I was quite annoyed as my ole faithful had died. I wish I had come across your blog earlier.