16 November, 2011

Here's to the Boys!

Conceived in 1999 in Adelaide Australia, Movember is a near world-wide, month-long charity event where men grow mustaches and raise money for men's health initiatives, including prostate cancer and depression.

And I think it's fantastic.

It's really easy to donate! Just go to and you can type someone's name that you know is registered, a team name that is registered, or just give directly.

It kind of puts us girls to shame, actually. When October came around this year (Breast Cancer Awareness Month), all I saw was those silly statuses on facebook which had just the number of our shoe size followed by inches, and then how long it takes to do our hair. For me, it would have been be: "6 inches, 5 minutes." (Had I participated at all, which I didn't.) These were supposed to be provocative and raise awareness for breast cancer. Read this article written last year on this topic, and I happen to agree with how useless that kind of "campaigning" is.

Us girls can really learn something from the boys on this one.

Maybe "Decembeaver" in support of uterine or cervical cancer? No?

But we can say "Thank you" to the boys for their efforts - November 18th has been declared "Have Sex With a Guy with a Mustache Day".

So if you're a guy who's growing his 'stache, get registered with,  if you're a girl or guy who isn't growing your facial hair, donate to the cause or at least get down with a 'stachioed guy who's taking one for the team!


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