26 October, 2011

Try Role-playing This Hallowe'en!

I have always loved Hallowe'en, from trick-or-treating in the cold, Canadian prairies with a snow-suit under a mouse costume (circa 1992) or using various power tools to expertly carve out Lady Gaga with her fireworks underwear into a pumpkin in 2010. I love roasted pumpkin seeds and autumn spice ales from micro-breweries, and of course, I love dressing up.

There's no denying that Hallowe'en isn't just for the kids anymore, with even the more "family-friendly" costume websites selling the most racy costumes for both men and women. And even if you wouldn't be caught dead wearing most of them in public, there is still plenty of fun to be had with them on!

This year, whether you've been in a relationship for a long time and the love-life needs some extra spice, or just want to try something new with your partner, why not try dressing up and role-playing in the bedroom?

 Here are some tips to get you started:

  • To be fair, you don't need to dress up in costumes to role-play. But why not?
  • Trust is essential. Because you're both putting yourselves out there and making yourselves vulnerable, there has to be a certain level of trust between the two of you.  
  • Pick a fantasy relationship that you both like. (Teacher/student, cop/criminal, slave/master, mechanic/ car-owner, doctor/patient, preacher/sinner, tycoon/maid, coach/player, Tarzan/Jane, etc etc etc) 
  • Choose a "safety" or "out" word.  Not just for BDSM, a safety word is an agreed upon word that ends the acting right then and there if play is getting uncomfortable or painful for one of the partners. Pick something non-sexual that can't be confused, like "macaroni" or "salad fork".
  • Relax, and don't take yourself so seriously. Don't be worried about your partner laughing at you - role-playing is a form of PLAYING. At first you two may laugh at the whole thing together, but remember to have fun. 
  • Get into your character. What may seem silly at first will turn into a truly erotic experience that you will want to re-visit again.
So remember this Hallowe'en that not all treats are sugary!


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