27 April, 2011

She's a model! She's a tattoo artist! She's Lee-Anne Kennedy!

Lee-Anne Kennedy is one of my oldest friends. I clearly remember this little tom-boy who liked to draw unicorns in grade four in the early-mid nineties. But If I wasn't there to see it with my own eyes, I wouldn't believe it, because look at her now! 

Va Va Voom!!

Lee-Anne is a tattoo artist in Calgary. She's currently at Ultra Magnetic Tattoos here and you can see her website here. (She happens to be doing my 1/2 sleeve!)

She's also a model. Her credits include: Tattoo Life Magazine (cover 2008)Skin Deep Magazine (cover 2008),  Rebel X Magazine (centrefold 2009), HotBox Calender (miss january 2009), Tattoo Savage (feature 2010).

PLUS, I just happen to know that she's just an all-round great girl. She was kind enough to answer some questions for me for the purpose of this blog, so enjoy this little look into Lee-Anne!

Were you born and raised in Calgary?
Born and Raised

How long have you been tattooing?
Nine years

When did you know that you wanted to be a tattoo artist?
Since the first time i stepped into an old biker tattoo shop. I've always done art, just didn't know how to express it while having a career. Once I walked in that place I knew exactly what I needed to do for the rest of my life.

What can you tell me about the ups and downs of being a female working in a male-dominated industry?
In some instances it's good and others not so good... not unlike many other jobs I'm sure. When I first started there was very few females. We had to really prove ourselves and I found it a little challenging to get respect as an artist instead of a chick with boobs and a tattoo machine. 

What about being a hot female working in a male-dominated industry?
It's fun. Now that Im comfortable in my skills and respected for my art and not just myself, I like to tease the boys. 

When did you start modelling?
Only a few years ago. I kinda stumbled into it. I did a shoot with an amazing photographer from Calgary, and one of the images got picked up by a well known international magazine for the cover. It all kinda came after that.

Do you feel that your tattoos help or hinder your modelling?
I think they definitely help. Especially because I work mainly with the tattoo magazines. Edgy models seem to be more what people are looking for. Even in a lot of the mainstream now a days.

Do you regret any of your tattoos?
I don't regret the meanings behind any of them or what I got. I feel like as long as the artist does a good job, most people won't regret them. I also was lucky enough not to get a Tazmanian Devil so I might not be the best to ask on that.

What advice can you give people who are thinking of getting a tattoo? (Whether it's their first tattoo or not)
Respect your artist's opinion. You're going to them becasue you admire their art. Don't try to make them change their style to suit you, or just find some one that excells in the style you want. That will always make the tattoo come out better. 

Do you ever get the impression that because of your tattoos that people assume you're kinky in the bedroom?
No one's ever said it to me. I don't assume the same on others so I guess I never thought that people did to me.... but I'm sure there's a few out there.

Is it true?
I can definitely handle a bit of the kink. I'm a very open minded person.

What is the best sex/relationship advice that you've ever received?
If the sex isn't good... it ain't gonna last.

What is the hardest sex/relationship lesson you've ever had to learn on your own?
Just 'cause the sex is good... doesn't mean it's gonna last.

Thanks, Lee-Anne!


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