19 January, 2011

Customer for life!

Have you heard about Fun Factory?

They have these adorable, cutely-named, high-quality sex-toys that are all "body smart", that is, they're all phthalate free.

Well. A few years ago I bought what promised to be the quintessential g-spot vibe. A little S-shaped gadget called "delight".  When packing for a two week (sans boyfriend) trip recently, I figured that this will be the toy that I take along because it also happens to be ridiculously whisper quiet!

Now when I say that I bought mine a few years ago, I mean that I have an older model. The one that I have has a nifty case that houses the vibe. There is a corded adapter that plugs into the case and the vibe charges through contact inductance nodes inside the case.

So into my goodie box I went during my packing and lo-and-behold, the corded adapter was gone! Lost! (I vaguely remember throwing out random "miscellaneous" adapters and cords in a cleaning frenzy...)

So I contacted the good ladies at A Little More Interesting (Aka: The BEST toy store in Calgary!) asking them if they had any of the old model of corded adapter. No dice. They suggested getting in contact with Fun Factory directly.

So I emailed Fun Factory at their German headquarters and a prompt response said that they would get back to me after the Holidays in the new year. (This is when I whine about a vibrator-free holiday!)

Today is January 19th. I completely forgot about this exchange when I receive a parcel in the mail. It was from Fun Factory. It contained my corded adapter. Sweet!

But that's not it. It also contained an additional, brand-new Delight in the newest model!

What?!?! Now I have TWO delights? What am I supposed to do with the other one?!?

Either way, I am officially a Fun Factory Customer for LIFE.


Update: I have decided to give it to Amy. She is my cousin, and, as it happens, the very first follower of my blog! Merci beaucoup!


  1. A- I think you may be the only "Aspiring Sex and Relationship Coach" who can use the words "contact inductance nodes" correctly in a sentence! See- that engineering degree DID come in handy! You rule! xoxo


  2. Hahaha, you may be right, Linds!